with a very particular set of skills; skills I've have acquired over a long career. 😉

Helping You

Thrive Online.

Your coaching is purpose-driven.

Are you a coach who aims to build a purposeful business around your zone of genius?

Do you have a vision and goals that you’re committed to achieving but not sure how? 

If the answer is yes, then you're my people!

I believe your branding should be too.

Hey, I'm Michelle! Brand + Web designer.

I've been at this online business thing for a hot minute and I know what it's like to have a big vision for your your business. But I also know what it’s like to be on the struggle bus trying to make shit happen.

I once had a 9-forever job. On the outside, I was an art director at a fancy NYC agency. On the inside? Dying a little. 

But once I left and chose the entrepreneur life, it wasn’t all "comin’ up mill house". I knew I loved to design but had no plan or clue on how to build my business. Cherry on top? I was also a new mom, and that really poops on your identity.

It took a couple years for me to feel confident with who I really was and what I wanted to do with the skills that I have. I didn’t want to be “just another designer” but I was also afraid to take risks and try something that wasn’t done before. 

My confidence was built from several attempts and failures over the years. And you know what? It’s not something you NEED to get started. It's what is gained throughout your journey.

If you’re stuck in your business, trying to figure it all out or pivoting your biz into something more, something bigger…. remember that your confidence may not be there now but it will grow. Sometimes all you need is someone to guide you through the process and help you get clear on how to get there.

to craft a brand that attracts the right people and
build a thriving coaching business that changes lives.

to craft a brand that attracts the right people andbuild a thriving coaching business that changes lives.

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