Looking at Success from a Bird’s Eye View


Ever have a moment of realization about your own actions? 

A weird and random moment of clarity?
Lately, I’ve had a very self-defeating attitude towards my work. It’s been a lot of ups and downs that left me feeling quite ambivalent about it all.
Growth coupled with failure can leave you feeling very confused. When you fee like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back, it can lead to desperation and giving up on things too easily.
No bueno. 
Fortunately, I had a support system (see: my team, hubs, mastermind group, biz coach).
After attempting to launch an event and giving up way too soon because “no one seemed to cared”, I was left flailing around looking for other options….much like this:
After working through it and putting my big girl pants on, I realized something that gave me tons of clarity.

I was focusing on the bad WAY too much.

It was like I put a magnifying glass on that one failure and everything else (all of my recent success) didn’t exist.

I spent too much time wallowing in my “made-up misery” because one thing didn’t work out, that I ignored the rest.
That’s when I took a step back, and looked at my design business from a bird’s eye view.
I asked myself:
In a year’s time, how has your revenue grown?
How many clients have you brought on compared to last year?
How has the quality of your design work improved compared to when you started your business?
How have your communication skills improved?
(These apply to me, but they can absolutely work for you too.)
Obviously, I’m not off the hook.

I looked at my success, yes, but I also took a pragmatic look at why I failed at launching this event without adding emotion to the mix.

So in a nutshell, fuck your feelings.

Just kidding, lol. (But I’m really not)
Go ahead and have your pity party, but make sure you come back stronger, take a step back and cut out the emotional fog.
Have you failed at something in your biz lately? How’d you bounce back?