Focus on your genius, build a million dollar brand, and look damn good doing it.

You’ve built a successful business from the ground up.

Your services and products are life-changing and have the potential of making a real difference in the world.
You see the value in what you offer….but is your branding letting other’s see it too?

You might be thinking, “Yes….well…I think…. umm…..ok, I have no idea because I threw this shit together myself.”

And it’s ok. I’ll let you in on a little secret: Starting a business doesn’t require stellar branding.

Hell, we’ve all done it: bootstrapped our way to the top because the bills aren’t going to pay themselves, amarite?

But here’s the kicker:

To scale from a baby business to a full-grown, money-making, badass boss-lady business,
branding is the key.

Self-Made Maven is a 12-month Brand & Design Partnership for Badass women entrepreneurs ready to transform their brand and business from the inside out. We’ll strip out the shit that doesn’t work and make a profound visual change to see results in dollar signs.

Together we’ll:

Build an authentic brand that focuses on your zone of genius and dress your brand to impress the right crowd.

Form your badass team who provides you with creatives, support and tools you need to get shit done.

Create a consistent brand to breed trust. Because we all know the #1 reason people don’t buy from brands is lack of trust. And trust makes you money.

So what could you accomplish if your branding was mind-blowing good?

You could…

Establish yourself as the expert in your field.

Your people will resonate with you because you communicating a clear and visually stunning brand message. Making it easy to trust you and buy your product.

Ditch the brand and website shame.

Leave behind the amateur design tools (Canva or Wix, anyone?) and free yourself from the inability to make things look polished and share-worthy. You can finally say “hell no” to cookie-cutter templates and complicated DIY design tools and “fuck yeah” to an authentic, head-turning brand that will influence, impress and give your tribe #allthefeels.

Reclaim your time.

Are you spending half your time fixing a plugin and the other half fixing whatever you did when you tried to fix it? At some point, you have to put down the mouse and call in some backup. Every minute spent struggling with WordPress or trying to keep track of a freelancer is a minute that you could be earning money and growing a crazy successful business.

are you ready for self-made maven?

Because I want to provide quality attention and service to every one of our partners, I only provide a VERY limited amount of spots.

Apply if:

  • You know its time to make a radical change to scale your brand and business or launch a new product.
  • You want to take back your time and get back to work on  what generates more sales.
  • You’re ready to bring on an experienced creative director (that’s me!) and a creative team of designers and developers.
  • You want a long-term strategic partner so you can stop the endless cycle of hiring and managing freelancers.
About Michelle

I believe that successful businesses need more than pretty design. They need strategic design, well-oiled teams and systems to consistently develop polished content and well-designed products. That’s why I left my shitty 9-5 career doing graphic design for big time companies like JP Morgan Chase, Conde Nast, and the New York Department of Health. In a male-dominated field like advertising, I felt the strain of being a women (let alone a hispanic women) in an industry where patriarchal standards are obvious. As a women in this field, I wanted to have have more impact by working with women entrepreneurs that needed the combination of strategy, design, process and technical support to help them succeed. This is why I do what I do.