Why You Should Invest In Brand Design

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Do you undervalue or give up on what you don’t get immediate gratification or results from?

As an entrepreneur, you might feel like if it didn’t work now, it didn’t work RIGHT NOW? I know I have.

This is true in the case of many entrepreneurs. We’re so used to moving quickly at a high level of impulsivity.

Yet, funny enough, the opposite is also true: We also tend to be much more risk averse than the average person. For example, because we are generally scared of running out of money, we overanalyze and are very careful of how we spend our money.

This combination is cause for a major shitstorm when referring to your branding.

You either wait til last minute to get a designer on board and need everything, like, yesterday (causing said designer to pretty much resent you or you settling for anyone). Or you end up buying that quickie $40 logo on Upwork or Fivver that will most likely cause your brand to look terribly cheap and water down your entire message.

In true honestly, both are terrible decisions that will end up haunting you and waisting your time and money in the long run.

So what’s the solution?

You need to invest in your branding. 

And I don’t mean just monetarily. You need to invest energy and time as well.

Your brand should be a priority.

No matter where you are in your business, you WILL benefit from giving it some TLC.

You see, your brand is your most valuable asset. It’s how your audience perceives you and how you influence their buying behavior.

And if you can’t build a solid brand foundation (things like your values, vision and your positioning) along with an effortless, high-quality brand identity (visuals) things can get real murky for your dream tribe.

Now, let’s shift a bit and talk about design: the other half of what makes an amazing brand WORK.

Design is tangible and client-facing.

It’s what shows up for you when you can’t. It’s a huge part of your website, in your newsletter, your Instagram posts and your Facebook ads, to name a few.

When a design experience (either on your website or anywhere else) feels effortless and comfortable to your audience, it means you’ve hit the mark.

It’s an extremely important part of your branding and sadly one that is overlooked way too damn often.

To have a truly successful brand, you need high-quality design that complements your high-quality business.

Let’s dive into some reasons why investing in branding and design can really level up your business and bring in more of those dream clients and sales.

Branding creates Brand Equity.

Your branding is not just a pretty header on your site. it is an entire framework for building relationships with your clients or customers.

This relationship is something you want to create early on to communicate your message to your target peeps.

We all know any successful relationship leads to trust. And over time, trust brings brand equity (the perceived value that comes from your brand name itself, rather than your product or service), brand equity brings customers, and customers bring sales.

By building a strong brand equity, you’ll be on your way to reach a point in your business where your customers will buy from you because they’re buying from YOU.

Regardless of your product or service.

An important thing to note: Consistency is the key.

If you established a strong brand early on and later change it, it can cause you to loose brand equity (which means starting all over again and loosing potential customers or clients).


Branding creates community.

Is there anything better than having a community of people that not only consider your brand a lifestyle, but will stand in line to buy your product without even touching it first? Apple knows this very well.

When you use branding and design properly, you create something people can align their values with. In Apple’s case, good design is a value in itself.

You’re weeding out the people you know don’t want your business while bringing in those that align with your values.

You want clients or customers who will stand in line for your product just because it’s you who’s selling it. You’re creating a community of fans. These are people who will be ready to purchase your products or services before you release it.

This loyalty becomes remarkably valuable when your customers become your advocates, convincing their own community to buy from you as well.


You can charge you’re worth more easily

We all know that people don’t buy products. They buy brands.

And they’re are willing to pay higher prices for brands that establish higher value.

Branding gives you the power to position yourself as a leader and expert with a much more compelling service than your competition.

If you can establish meaningful differences between you and everyone else (and I KNOW you can), you’ll be able to command a higher price point for your product or service much more easily.

And of course, higher prices equal increased revenue.


Branding helps productivity.

When designing your brand, you will usually end up with a brand styleguide of rules and guidelines on how to properly use your brand designs. You’ll also end up with what we designers call a Brand System.

This system is a collection of different elements that create consistent brand assets that will ALWAYS communicate your message effectively.

Some elements of your brand system include your logo, alternative marks, fonts, a color palette and other visuals like icons, images, and patterns.


Finally, Don’t half ass the process and always think about your strategy.

Think about how you can bring that brand strategy to life through design. It’s a very powerful tool when your looking for that trust in potential clients.

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