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10 Types of Lead Magnets to Grow Your Brand

It’s no secret that the best way to grow your email list these days is providing well thought-out free incentives. 

But did you know it’s also a great way to create like and trust for your brand? 

It’s a perfect way of providing quick value in short form to those who are looking for your expertise and it makes for quick preview of what your brand voice is like and what it’s like to work with you.

So how can you provide a lead magnet on your website? Usually, it’s an opt-in form on your homepage or maybe a content upgrade in your blog posts, It’s a great incentive given away for free in exchange for an email address to be added to your newsletter.

It can be in many different formats like PDFs, video, or audio format. It also just be access to a collection of valuable content like a resource library.

Below I’ve summarized 10 opt-in freebie ideas that you can offer. 

Take some time to think about the content you’re providing right now and which of these makes more sense for your business and brand. Remember, this is a chance to make your brand voice be known and to create trust with your ideal people.

Let’s go!

  1. Checklist
    Checklists are the easiest freebies you can provide and I’d argue the most popular. These can be downloaded as a one-pager PDF file. As a lead magnet, you can use these them to outline the steps they need to take to be ready to work with you. As a content upgrade you can summarize your blog post into actionable steps to achieve a desired goal you spoke about in your post. 
  1. Cheatsheets
    I personally LOVE cheatsheets. They’re quick, digestible, and summarize information in a one-page PDF. You can create one for virtually anything. Some great ways to use a cheat sheet are to summarize comparison blog posts or long processes. 
  1. Free Email Course
    A free Email course is a great way to share series of steps or a process that allows you to deliver to your subscriber over a few days. Breaking up the content into separate emails is a great option when you have a lot of content to share. This is also a great way to offer your subscribers a service at the end of your emails or the option to purchase a product.
  1. Workbook (or one-page worksheets)
    Workbooks are a common freebie that can really help solve your subscriber’s problems by working through a series of questions. Come up with a few long answer questions with some instructions for a one-pager worksheet or create a whole series to build a whole workbook.
  1. Ebook
    Ebooks will definitely require more effort from you, but are a a great value. You’ll want to put a lot of focus on the cover and the headline, as these are the two aspects that will determine if someone will opt-in. Don’t feel intimidated by the creation of an ebook either! If you have the budget, find a designer who can put it together for you. If not, use Canva or something similar to DIY it yourself. You could even use google docs and download as a PDF file. A great cheat to make your ebook look visually interesting is by using large, beautiful images from a free source like Unsplash.
  1. Templates
    If you’re audience is more hands on or creative, templates would make a fantastic opt-in. Some great examples are social media templates, google doc spreadsheets, canned email templates, or even copywriting templates.
  1. Free Resource Library
    A resource library is probably my favorite opt-in idea. Admittedly, this will require more effort, but will provide the most value and payoff. You’ll need to make sure your library is up-to-date and add items to it periodically. The benefits of having a free library are huge. They keep your subscribers engaged in your recurring content, will grow your list substantially, and will bring value to your brand and you as an expert.
  2. Video Series
    Do you love doing Facebook lives? Are you a webinar junkie? If you’re ultra confident behind a camera, this is a great way to stand out and provide the ultimate value. Video is currently trending and have higher conversion rates in general. Letting your subscribers see you and your personality are a great way to not only weed out those who you don’t want as followers, but also have the right people fall in love with you. It’s also great if you’re not big on writing but still want to provide great free content.
  1. Quiz
    Quizzes can be fun and interactive! Have your subscribers take a quiz and provide their email address to get their results.
  1. Live free calls
    I think it’s great when people offer limited live free calls as an incentive to get on their list. A chance to work with you one on one just by being on your list feels very exclusive. A great way to promote this incentive is through your social media channels and even say it on your homepage.

Once you know the type of content you want to share, think about how your people like to digest information. Are they the visual type? Maybe video series could do the trick. Are they big readers? Maybe put some effort into an eBook. Whatever opt-in you chose to create, always have your ideal people in mind.