How to Identify Your Brand Values

I don’t know about you, but I’m bored of seeing those value worksheets whenever you google “How to define brand values”. 

You know the ones.

That PDF with columns and columns of random adjectives with instructions that read “circle 5-8 words that resonate with your brand”.

The expectation is a come-to-Jesus moment where you instantly find 5 words that make you think, “holy shit…these words are exactly what my business believes and stands for! OMG!”

If only it were that easy, right? 

The problem with this worksheet is that it makes less of a process that should take more than 5 minutes and a highlighter. Yeah ok, you CAN start with a vague word, but it requires you to dig /way/ deeper and into what that word actually means for you and your company. 

You should be asking yourself questions that provoke conversations around your business and all the actions you’re taking. 

Before we jump into what you should be asking yourself, let’s first talk about the end goal and define a few terms around brand values.

So, what exactly are brand values?

We normally define brand values as core beliefs that your biz stands for…but that’s only half of it.

Values should be your ‘north star’….your guiding force for all things you create and actions you take in every corner of your business.

Let me repeat this: THEY. SHOULD. BE. ACTIONABLE.

So if you’re just slapping some cute words on an IG  for your followers without actually ingraining and implementing this into your business…it might be time to reconsider what your brand values really are.

*Why are they important?*

I’m going to be annoying and answer a question with more questions:

How do you make decisions as the CEO of your business? How do decide who to hire? How do you decide to take on a client? 

Because of your values and belief system.

So if you don’t clarify this for yourself or your team, it’s going to be real fucking hard to do your main job as a business owner:  make decisions.

And now the million-dollar question: How do you figure this shit out and share your values without looking like a performative asshat?

Great question, I’d love to tell you.

Here’s our 3 step process to identifying your brand values:

Define -> Plan -> Position


Choose 3-4 strong beliefs you have around your business (yes, you can start with that values list to get you going, but don’t stop there)

For each of these, answer the question below:

  1. What does this value mean to [your business name here]?
  2. What gap is this value intended to fill? (Think Industry-wise, internally, or externally. What needs to be changed?)
  3. Who will benefit from this?

These questions will help you get crystal clear on what this word means to you and tap into the reason why you chose it. It sets you up to take action on this belief and strengthens your connection to them.


Now let’s look into the past, present, and future. We’ll uncover how you’ve applied these beliefs to your business in the form of actions and how you can do so in the future.

For each, answer the questions below:

  1. What are some actions you’ve already taken that were inspired by this value/belief?
  2. What systems/processes/frameworks do you have in place right now that facilitate living up to these values/beliefs?
  3. What new actions can you start taking to honor this value in the near future? Think short-term and long-term.

Now you’ve got clarity on how these values and how you can apply them.


Now that you’ve defined and planned, let’s position them in a way that makes sense for your people… specifically your clients, your team, and your audience.

For each, answer the questions below:

  1. What do you want your community to believe about you in relation to this value?
  2. What specific traits do you want your team members to possess in relation to this value?
  3. What specific traits do you want your ideal clients to possess in relation to this value?

Ok, we’re at the end of our journey here.

Hopefully, you’ve gained some insight and clarity on what your brand values are, how to take action on them, and how to position them in front of your peers.

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